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Instant Classik F1 Auto 3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds


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Night Owl Seeds’ Instant Classik is an F1 Auto cross of Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 and Marathon OG F3 and is part of Night Owl Seeds’s Secret Owl Society lineup!

Two of Daz’s all-time favorite creations intertwined into something extra special in this vigorous true F1 hybrid. Large plants with above-average branching create the perfect frame for her coverage of glistening disco ball nugs. The combination of Pre-98 and Marathon results in incredible dark earth and OG flavors that are can’t be ignored! While the flavor will make her hard to put down, it is best to take care not to overindulge, as she can be a bit much for the uninitiated. This is a powerhouse perfect for relaxing afternoons and evenings filled with fits of laughter, but beware, she can foster paranoia when used in excess! Enjoy responsibly!

The three Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 moms that were selected and used in this release were as identical of autoflower plants as Daz has ever seen. They could have been grown from clones as spot on to one another as they were. Three absolute behemoths with huge stems, strong side branches with satellite colas almost as tall as the main, and flowers so covered in resin that they looked like they were glowing. There was something special about the way the light interacted with their trichomes, almost dulling the flower color to a pure silver/white while simultaneously creating a sparkling reflection when viewed from different angles.

The Marathon OG F3 reversal used was selected out of 24 for its stellar structure, yield, and scents. All of the traits that made the Marathon as memorable as she is were present and this same reversal was also used to create some upcoming Dark Owl varieties. 😎

Flowering Time: approximately 77 days from germination

Yield: 2 – 4 oz/pl

3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds per pack!


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