Indigo Diesel F1 13 Regular Seeds


Second Generation Genetics’ Indigo Diesel F1 13 Limited Edition Regular Photoperiod Seeds

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Introducing Indigo Diesel: A Potent Journey into Sour and Sweet

**Dropping 2/1/24**

Lineage: This F1 indica/sativa hybrid is a captivating collision of legendary genetics. The Lambsbread Sour Diesel mother lends its signature sour bite and fuel-like aromatics, while the Dj Short Cocoa Kush father complements with rich, earthy undertones and robust growth.

Flowering Time: Get ready for fragrant rewards within approximately 63-70 days indoors. Patience will be rewarded with dense, frosty flowers that shimmer with resinous trichomes.

Production: Brace yourself for a bountiful harvest. Indigo Diesel leans towards the heavy end of the medium-to-high yield spectrum, showering growers with generous colas that ooze potent potential.

Aromatic Symphony: Prepare your senses for a captivating olfactory adventure. Sour diesel takes center stage, its zesty notes intertwined with hints of pine, grape, and ripe fruit. A touch of sulfur adds intriguing depth, while sour and musk notes round out the complex bouquet.

Trichome & Terpene Powerhouse: Prepare to be dazzled. Indigo Diesel boasts impressive trichome production, glistening with a layer of glistening crystals that signify its robust terpene profile. Expect a potent and nuanced experience that packs a punch.

Unlocking the Cocoa Secret: Many of you have inquired about pure Cocoa Kush, and fret no more! Second Generation Genetics’ Coco Bubble is the answer. This F6 masterpiece was born from meticulously inbreeding two F5 Cocoa Kush plants, preserving the essence of this legendary cultivar in its purest form.

Rarity meets remarkable genetics: With only 88 packs available, this exclusive cross boasts irreplaceable father plant genetics. This is one you won’t want to miss!

More than just a strain, Indigo Diesel is an invitation to explore a vibrant sensory playground where sour and sweet collide. Are you ready to embark on this aromatic adventure?

13 Regular Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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