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Icy Grape F2 (Purple Zkittlez x 1996 Black Domina) 10 Regular Seeds

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Breeder: CopaGenetics
Strain Name: Icy Grape F2
Mom: Purple Skittles (SMMJ cut)
Dad(s): 1996 Black Domina (Sensi Seeds)

Mom Description: The SMMJ cut of Purple Skittles is an extremely beautiful plant. I was excited to have access to it for breeding stock

The dad(s) I selected from an original 1996 Sensi Seeds pack. I open-pollinated back in 1998 and again in 2008-9. All 4 of them lean to the Afghani side of things with stem rubs ranging from dank and musty to sweaty locker room funk/skunk. All 4 will bring extremely tight/dense buds, two of the dads have dark green coloring and tight node spacing. The other two dads bring ultra-tight node spacing and an almost blue-black leathery leaf structure.
Overall expect super-dense buds and tight to extremely tight node spacing with pheno dependent stretch and flavor. This cross is ideally suited for indoor grows but could be run in a greenhouse with proper ventilation. Outdoors is a possibility but only if you are growing in a climate that has lower humidity and low rainfall toward the middle to end of September..
10 Regular Seeds per pack plus freebies!

1 review for Icy Grape F2 (Purple Zkittlez x 1996 Black Domina) 10 Regular Seeds

  1. A.George (verified owner)

    Icy Grape is a little finicky, especially when grown outdoors. Gotta keep the humidity under control to avoid “issues”…
    Your plants will need a little extra TLC but it’s worth the effort. I don’t have pics, but the bud was great. Very terpy!
    Fruity, but not overly citrus.
    The high is stoney but manageable for the experienced toker.

    I just bought two more packs… 😉

    • Paul N Chucker

      We truly appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with us, and we’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying our product!

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