Humboldt Dream F3 10 Feminized Seeds

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Humboldt Seed Company Humboldt Dream F3 10 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

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Humboldt Dream



Come live the Humboldt Dream with our improved take on the legendary Blue Dream. This extremely vigorous plant will exceed even the novice gardener’s greatest expectations. They can reach well over 15ft in height/width, and yield over 10lbs per plant when placed directly in the ground. This strain has proven to be exceptionally pest and disease resistant, even when surrounded by infected plants. Its sweet berry smell comes in part from its high levels of Myrcene.


  • 70% Indica 30% Sativa
  • Extremely vigorous plant
  • Reach over 15 feet height/width
  • Huge production, yield over 10 pounds per plant when placed directly in the ground
  • Proven exceptionally pest and disease resistant
  • Sweet berry smell
  • High levels of Myrcene

FLOWERING TIME: 60 DAYS, October 1-15

Humboldt Dream Terpene Graph
10 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds per pack!

1 review for Humboldt Dream F3 10 Feminized Seeds

  1. xltool69 (verified owner)

    Don’t confuse this with the original Blue Dream. I am talking about the Blue Dream that came packed in the little wood case. I am growing this strain now . Organic soil, Jobes organics, Dr. Earth 4-6-4 , green sand, oyster shell for secondary nutes. Lime and Bio-Live. Mushroom compost , cow manure. ROOTS tree powdered formula. Sugar and teas. Foliar spray of kelp 3 days a week and the list goes on. This strain has a couple pheno types as usual. It more leans toward a tall , lanky plant which I dont like. I am growing these in 40 gallon and up to 70 gallon pots. 14 foot tall plants but internodal spacing sucks. The shorter , stockier version is what I want. I found a couple and have a dozen clones to play with. If you have the time and space, this is a fun grow.

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