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Hindu Pupil F1 7 Feminized Seeds


Mass Medical Strains Hindu Pupil F1 7 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

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Hindu Pupil, a creation of Mass Medical Strains, is a thoughtfully crafted hybrid resulting from a three-way cross: (Purple Hindu Kush x Afghani M10) x Star Pupil.

Building on Legacy:

  • This strain draws inspiration from the classic PuTang, offering a similar terpene profile and growth characteristics.
  • The foundation for Hindu Pupil is a unique cross between a special Purple Hindu Kush clone and the Afghani M10 from Super Sativa Seed Club, meticulously bred by Crickets and Cicada.

Mass Medical Strains then pheno-hunted this exceptional base, seeking a plant that surpassed the exceptional qualities of a Green Bodhi-grown PHK. Their selection boasts a more uplifting character while retaining psychoactivity and showcasing a flavor profile reminiscent of Tangie, with even greater intensity.

Combining the Best:

By merging this unique PHK x Afghani with their Star Pupil, Mass Medical Strains has created a truly remarkable gene pool. Hindu Pupil offers:

  • High Yield: This strain surpasses the yield of the PHK x M10 parent.
  • Vibrant Colors: Expect an abundance of beautiful purple hues throughout the flowers.
  • Exceptional Resin Production: Hindu Pupil boasts impressive resin production, ideal for extractors.
  • Visually Stunning Flowers: The flowers are not only potent but also captivating to the eye.

Growth Characteristics:

  • Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
  • Yield: Medium
  • Height: Medium (expect a 2-2.5x stretch during flowering)
  • Potential: Hindu Pupil thrives both indoors and outdoors.

Order your pack of Hindu Pupil seeds today and experience this unique hybrid for yourself!

7 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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