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Hazeman Skunk F1 12 Regular Seeds


Hazeman Skunk F1 12 Regular Photoperiod Seeds

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Hazeman Seeds’ “Hazeman Skunk” ([Roadkill Skunk x Uncle Fester’s Skunk] x [Exodus Cheese x Uncle Fester’s Skunk]) is an F1 cross of Roadkill Skunk aka Skunkbud x Uncle Fester’s Skunk Uncle Fester’s Skunk and Green House Seed Co. Exodus Cheese (Skunk #1) x Uncle Fester’s Skunk male.

True to its name, Hazeman Skunk smells decidedly skunky, while the taste is a mix of sour and earthy flavors. Hazeman Skunk buds have medium-sized light minty green nugs that are insanely sticky and covered with a thick layer of translucent trichomes. These nugs are insanely dense and heavy, with a spattering of bright orange hairs and undertones.

According to Hazeman, “This is the make up of Hazeman Skunk: I took a fester skunk male and it to my roadkill skunk cut. And I took that same male and hit to a Exodus cheese female. Then I took a male of that Exodus Cheese X Fester skunk and hit it to a female of the roadkill skunk x fester skunk female.”

12 Regular Photoperiod Seeds per pack!


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