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Divinations F1 Auto 3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds


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Night Owl Seeds’ Divinations is an F1 Autoflower cross of Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 and Wizard’s Apprentice F5 and is part of Night Owl Seeds’ Secret Owl Society lineup!

Another magical true F1 hybrid pairing utilizing the legendary Wizard’s Apprentice and Pre-98 Episode One. These large plants glow in the grow like street lamps at night with their incredible glistening resin and white-out flowers. Combining dark, earthy, spicy haze flavors makes growing this an absolute pleasure! There is an occasional spiced lime expression, which is equally enjoyable. The ample bud sites and heavy flowers will benefit from staking towards the end of the grow. In moderation, she can be enjoyed all day and will be appreciated after work hours.

The three Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 moms selected and used in this release were as identical of autoflower plants as he’s ever seen. They could have been grown from clones as spot on to one another as they were. Three absolute behemoths with huge stems, strong side branches with satellite colas almost as tall as the main, and flowers so covered in resin that they looked glowing. There was something special about the way the light interacted with their trichomes, almost dulling the flower color to a pure silver/white while simultaneously creating a sparkling reflection when viewed from different angles.

The Wizard’s Apprentice F5 reversal was a big-bodied, thick-stalked sight. She was Daz’s favorite out of six Wizard’s F5 reversals and the only one he used. As reversals go, they don’t often put out trichomes like natural females do, but this reversal pushed them out on the reversed flowers and her stems. They put off a wonderfully aromatic, gassy haze of lime scent that filled the room when it burst.

Flowering Time: roughly 75 – 85 days from germination

Yield: 2 – 4 oz/pl

3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds per pack


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