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Anaphylaxis F1 (Peanut Butter Breath x Deadly Sativa) 7 Feminized Seeds

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Mass Medical Strains Anaphylaxis F1 7 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

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Anaphylaxis F1 (Peanut Butter Breath x Deadly Sativa)

MMS latest award-winning strain, Anaphylaxis, took Third Place Indoor Organic Flower at the GGG Organic Cup in 2020! Highly demanded for beautiful dense and frosty nugs with an amazing flavor profile! This is our new collaboration strain with ThugPug genetics. It combines his incredible Peanut Butter Breath with MMS’ all-time favorite of my haze creations, the infamous Deadly Sativa! While the Deadly Sativa remains dominant in flavor, aroma, yield, and vigor, the Peanut Butter Breath adds insane density and trichome coverage, to appeal to the modern trendy Indica bud look and Sativa connoisseur heads alike!

Flavor: Haze, sharp citrus, lemon, melted butter, lacquer/solvent, with a cookie dough kushy background. Extremely high%

Flower Time: 9-10 weeks, pheno dependent.

Yield: High

Height: Medium-Tall. Does well with topping.

7 Feminized Seeds per pack plus freebies!

7 reviews for Anaphylaxis F1 (Peanut Butter Breath x Deadly Sativa) 7 Feminized Seeds

  1. Stephen (verified owner)

    All seeds germinated but only 3 are worth growing out of the 7. The other 4 germinated but haven’t grown and look sick. I love mms and currently growing putang,deadly swabi and pakman. All those and others I have grown have done well. So far anaphylaxis is a miss. Hopefully the 3 will produce good clones

  2. shootthamoon (verified owner)

    I’ve only been growing for a short time and this one so far was the one of the easiest from start to finish. I popped this along with Usefuls DDS, and some white Widow from another seed bank. All grown in FF soil in 5 gallon fabric pots. They all took nutrients real well, this one especially and it didn’t need support for the buds.
    The wife really enjoys this strain and I’m looking forward to future purchases from DCSE and MMS. Cheers dudes!

  3. tattoocarl53 (verified owner)

    Pure Trash! Less than 50% germination ! 2 packs and 6 sprouted? At the same time Useful and Goat & Monkey went better than 90%
    I’ll run bag seeds before I waste my money with Mass Medical!
    Why let them steal your money

  4. Stephen (verified owner)

    Ok let me give an update. The seeds dont seem to be of usual mms quality. 5 plants I would consider runts but they have filled out nicely. Super dense huge colas. The last 2 the genetics seemed to be solid. So I cloned the hell out of them. It’s a high yielding plant even for the runts. You won’t be dissatisfied with the yield but these are definitely not of the same quality I have come to love from mms. Never less I will continue to grow there seeds as I feel this was just a small hiccup. I have no complaints about any other seeds and that includes freebies

  5. Stephen (verified owner)

    The plants are about a 30days from harvest. I cut a test piece and I must say mms described the potency and effect very accurately. This plant is awesome and I’m glad I cloned it. My clones have grown great with none of the earlier issues. So let me change my stance on this plant. It’s a great smoke you just got to get the right phenos out of the pack. Great job mms

  6. Christie (verified owner)

    I usually only drop half packs as was the case here. I save the rest back in canning jars in the fridge. All 4 dropped popped…These might need a little extra love in the beginning but turn into lovely, strong ladies in the end. Super strong meds. Thanks MMS

  7. Eric Edwards (verified owner)

    Popped 4 and they all were about the same. They all had a lime soda terp smell and taste. You would think how can you smell soda, but I swear it has a bubbly sweet smell like a lime rickey. Not super frosty and not the most potent. I would keep around just for the terp profile.

    • Paul N Chucker

      Appreciate you taking the time to provide some feedback, thank you!

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