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We at GuamMaineian Gardens are dedicated to spreading love and positivity through unique cannabis genetics representing years of study and practice. Seeds for all!

GuamMaineian Gardens is a few cannabis-loving humans who have parlayed our admiration of cannabis and her healing properties, years of experience (i.e. killing seeds), and unrelenting passion to create unique expressions (i.e. always have great grass) into our mission. We at GMG are grateful to all of those who have come before us and recognize that a debt of gratitude is owed to all of our brothers and sisters who paved the way through sacrifice and clandestine operation. From the smallest to biggest, you represent the greatest qualities of this outstanding communal force. Keep up the good fight!

At GMG we strive to create unique and exciting seeds for our brothers and sisters to enjoy while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We also work extremely hard to keep prices affordable because we genuinely want everyone to have access to extraordinary cannabis flowers. We welcome/value all feedback and will work to satisfy most complaints.

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