The D.C. Seed Exchange

Welcome to the D.C. Seed Exchange! We are a small seed bank focused on the highest quality genetics. Our mission is to build a virtual trading space that features genetics from the best breeders in North America as well as highlighting local talent from the Mid-Atlantic region. Below is a complete list of our vendors offering a variety of regular, feminized and auto-flowering seeds.

We are here to help, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!


Coastal Seed Co

Kagyu, a Navy Veteran (1963-1967), is the Founder of Coastal Seed Co and has been growing cannabis since 1969.

“Kagyu has spent decades collecting and preserving heirloom and landrace cannabis genetics. Before retiring and focusing his time and energy on the preservation of his vast collection of cannabis genetics, Before that, Kagyu was an assistant plant breeder at Northrup King breeding alfalfa. Kagyu has brought his experience from the commercial plant breeding industry both in terms of practical breeding experience and an understanding of the importance of the preservation and maintenance of heirloom and landrace germplasm.

Kagyu has helped to preserve numerous old heirloom lines (NL1, M10, BSHW) and landraces (Panama red, Burmese) and to make numerous hybrids between these classic lines and modern elite “clone-only” strains available.

Kagyu continues this work by breeding and preserving heirloom and landrace genetics. When talking about old school cannabis breeders who’ve put in decades of work with this plant we have to include Kagyu.”

— @sungrownmidz

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