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White Chem Auto (Walter White x Chemdogging) 7 Feminized Seeds (LIMITED EDITION)


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Strain name: White Chem
Generation: F1
Type: Auto – Feminised
Genetic Heritage: Walter White x Chemdogging
Project introduction and Overview:
White Chem: Rumble in the Jungle!
White Chem is another graduate from our Illuminautos program of 2016, the second release. She again combines two of our most heavy hitting Original line strains, Walter White and Chemdogging.
These are both frost monsters and special strains in their own rights, both could be our personal top 5 Mephisto bred strains, however, when brought together they really shine that bit more as White Chem.
If anyone’s looking for an ultra-frosty, ultra-potent variety with a phat yield, then look no further.
Strain behaviour and structure:
White Chem is a pretty easy strain to grow, she grows with good vigor stacking nodes and putting on size quickly in the first weeks. She’s not too finicky, so when given a good environment her transition into flowering can be outright explosive.
We would classify her as a medium to large variety, she grows with a more typically Xmas tree structure when left to her own devices. Secondary branches become long towers with tight internodes which result in big colas, however, if you choose to train her you can get a very even canopy of more than decent colas.
It will reward you to spend some time clearing out undergrowth and any growth that could develop into potential fluff as there will be foliage that can block penetration of light.
White Chem is not the fastest, wrapping up around 70-80 days from sprout, but the yield potential as a single plant or low plant density grow is worth the extra time.
The flowers are large and dense, and adorned in resin, and she’s very odorific! So please make sure your filtration system is in good order. Trimming isn’t too torrid but it’s not as easy as some, however the yield and quality is worth a little stint in trim jail.
Strain figures and info in brief:
Indica/Sativa: 50/50
In good conditions she will deliver –
Cycle time: 70-80 days from sprout (depending on phenotype, desired effect, and environmental conditions)
Size: 80-120cm Height/Width 60-90cm
Yield: 120-210g as a single plant grow
Best method for overall high yield: 4-6 per 1.2×1.2 space in 20 litre pots under a 600w – 500g is obtainable.
Aroma and flavour: Powerful sharp lemon to raw meaty funk.
Effect: Potent balanced high, active up progresses to heavy body effect
Best grown: Indoor/greenhouse/outdoor
Flower Density: 7/10
Cannbinoids: TBA
Further info:
Ease of grow – 7.5/10 – Not finicky but will benefit from pruning or training to extract the best result.
Aroma level whilst growing – 8.5/10 High – Won’t be gentle on your carbon filter.
Trim ease – 7/10 – Not a complicated one to trim but not something Stevie wonder can trim.
Frost Level – 8/10 – Flowers get totally encapsulated, fans not too thick with frost like some.
Bag Appeal – 8/10 – Great nose and dense frosty product = happy faces!
After Cure Aroma level – 8/10 – Stays stinky.
Potency – 9/10 Disclaimer: Very high potency. Wouldn’t recommend operating heavy machinery whilst under the influence.
Concentrate info – 7/10 – Well worth running for your chosen extract process.
Overall Mephisto rating – 8.5/10 – For a great yield of high quality meds you can’t go far wrong with this variety.

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Ingredients: hemp seed


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