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Triangle Pupil (Triangle Kush x Star Pupil) 7 Feminized Seeds


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A cross of the original Triangle Kush clone, and my Star Pupil. For those who don’t know, Triangle Kush is believed to be the mother of all the OG Kush strains out there. As the original, she has extreme power and intensity, super strong flavor, and makes some of the best hybrids, which is why she is so popular among many world-class breeders.

It took a while to source an authentic clone, as many people believe they have the real one, and many are passed around with stories that seem legit until you dig further. This same thing happens with a lot of famous clones, there are tons of fakes, and many people just don’t know any better. I had gotten a few fakes along my search for the real one, and it was super obvious to me when I grew them. Once I finally got the real one, it was excitingly apparent upon growing her, this was the real deal! In addition, I was able to trace it back through hands, and everyone’s stories and sources lined up perfectly. There is a lot of research you can do if you think you have an elite clone and would like to verify if it is authentic, including finding photographs and speaking to true verified sources, as well as tracing it back from who you got it from, and speaking with those who gave it to them, and so on.

The combination of Triangle Kush and Star Pupil has created an epic gene pool to hunt through, and nearly every plant is a winner! These plants have amazing vigor and structure, with a nice 3x stretch typically. This can save you time in veg, they grow vigorously! These plants are also very easy to clone, and they absolutely reek in veg too.

In flower, these plants are extremely fragrant, some of the strongest smelling with various terpene profiles to be found such as Pupil mixed with OG, Candy Pupil, Strawberry, Mothball/DMT, straight Kush, Cereal with Milk, and more. The buds are super gooey, most are pink/purple and some more green with pink or purple streaks.

I had broken up a small lower nug fresh off the plant (all pink inside!) and inhaled deeply, and had a really bizarre thing happen, it made my teeth STING! It was painful, then I started coughing and could not stop. I don’t know what it is about this plant, but it is absolutely overpowering everything else. It’s a candy pupil pheno with back notes of mothballs, and it’s the exact plant pictured in this email. I definitely recommend looking for that pheno, it’s ridiculous!

As usual with Pupil hybrids, you can expect extreme potency and character, with some really intense head high effects mixed with a good kush body. The intensity on these is simply no joke!

7 feminized photoperiod seeds per pack!


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