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You are bidding on one pack of T.H. Seeds MOB™ 5 Feminized Photoperiod Seeds!

The plant is an East coast Legend- brought to Amsterdam by T.H. Seeds Boston friend. It’s an incredibly fast, short and fat plant. It looks different than what you are used to- some purple and crazy pink color and it’s full of terpenes. This 100% Indica gives a very unique flavor, like nothing you’ve ever smelled or tasted before. The first time T.H. Seeds smoked it in Amsterdam they had a great time but kept forgetting their keys, so we named it “stupid bud.”- be warned- The MOB® is strong medicine! The first entry ever by MOB® was at the prestigious Expo grow Cannabis Cup in Irun 2015 – it won 2nd Place in Indica category!

Dive into a tale as enchanting as the mysterious depths of Maine’s dense forests, where the MOB strain, or Mother of All Berries, was born. Maine, also known as the Pine Tree State, boasts a robust cannabis culture, and this strain is a crown jewel in their green treasury.

Mother of Berries, its full title, paints a vivid image of a potent and nurturing force of nature. True to her name, she descends from the legendary Blueberry strain, a world-renowned Indica powerhouse known for its sedative effects and sweet, fruity flavors.

On the other hand, the “father” strain remains shrouded in mystery, contributing to the strain’s enigma and allure. It’s a secret locked away by the skilled breeders at TH Seeds, who masterfully cultivated this exceptional specimen.

Let’s journey together into the aromatic world of the MOB strain. Picture yourself standing on a Maine hillside, surrounded by wild blueberry bushes. Now imagine the scent that wafts by when you take a deep breath. That’s MOB, a fragrant poem that transports you straight into nature’s bountiful bosom.

The aromatic experience commences with an overwhelming wave of ripe blueberries, punctuated with subtle hints of earth and wood, thanks to her dominant terpenes, Myrcene and Pinene. The Caryophyllene terpene adds a peppery note, like a sprinkle of spice on fresh berry pie. Quite an olfactory symphony, isn’t it?

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