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Super Sour F8 20 Regular Seeds


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Seattle Chronic Seeds’ Super Sour F8 (Sour Brasi x Sour D BX x Sour Grenades) includes two (2) individually labeled ten-packs of seeds:
  • A Direct Pollination using the #49 female and 378 male; and
  • A Bx Open Pollination.
From the Breeder: “Super Sour is a Sativa dominant hybrid I created to help with my daily ailments. I found a really good pheno from Sour Brasi (Luca Brasi x Sour Diesel) and crossed that with an OLD cut of Sour D that my good friend has had since 2004-5. After melding a trichy Sour Brasi male to a cut of the Sour D, I pheno hunted for a high Cannabidiol strain, super sour plant. Out of 60 I narrowed it down to the plant that was then crossed with Sour Grenades (from Wneks Genetics 9% Cannabidiol) Male, that had super quick growth, fat stacking, and was VERY quick at flowering. I needed that due to the F1s ranging from 11-14 weeks. The Super Sour phenos ALL ran 13-14 weeks to get into amber trichs. I chose the most resinous out of those and bred that with the Sour Grenades Male. Most take between 10-12 weeks and have full-spectrum content. Always makes me hungry! Most keepers tested from in the teens for Cannabidiol and slightly less in the other range. It’s usually around 10%. Its fast to veg, stretches 2-4x in flower, can be a heavy feeder but is also sensitive to overuse of nutes. Does well in soil and hydro. Good cold resistance/wetness/molds, Resilient to most bugs. Responds well to multi tops. It’s good for appetite stimulation, pain, PTSD, mood enhancer and also helps with sleep if overdone.”
Smells: Sour dominates with some sweet fuel, candy, and sour terps galore.
65-77 days flowering time. Larger colas that need proper airflow due to density, or multi-topped/LST to open up the plant and reduce the sizing slightly.
Expect full-spectrum 1:1 ratios, except with the BX/OP having 3:1 1:3 cannabinoid ratios.

Little stretch on these, maybe 1-1.5x tops.

20 Regular (non-feminized) Seeds per pack! 


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