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Substance D Auto F1 (Jogidelica x BlkMrr) 5 Feminized Autoflower Seeds


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Substance D Auto F1 (Jogidelica x BlkMrr)

For Binary Selections’ third release in the Dystopia Series please welcome Substance D.

They knew crossing our unreleased Jogidelica to our BlkMrrr was a given for this new series. The Jogidelica being an f1 cross of Zamaldelica Express from Night Owl Seeds and our Jogi OG, the terp profile of this creation was quite well balanced. Mash that up with the BlkMrrr and now we have a funky creation, unlike anything we’ve offered before. No one strain has dominance in regards to flavor and terp profile. It turned out to be a great amalgamation of all involved.

Hybrid vigor will be found in abundance within this creation. Being an f1, training will be necessary to reap the greatest benefits from its vigorous branching. Topping early will result in large level top bushes. Low-stress training will go a long way with this fine lady. Frost-covered water leaves, as well as frosty stems, are a regular trait. We have found that late flower leaf coloring is very common too. Leading to a very colorful bouquet of flowers. May Substance D lead you on to a new path.

There will only be 100 packs made available so get them while you can!

Plant height: medium-large Sprout to harvest: 75-80 days 

5 Feminized Autoflower Seeds per pack!


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