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Sour Crack ([Cecil C Green Crack cut x Breeding auto L2] x 24 Carat) F7 Auto 7 Feminized Seeds


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Strain Name: Sour Crack F7

Genetic heritage: – (Cecil C Green Crack cut x Breeding auto L2) x 24 C

Indica/Sativa – 90/10

Cycle Time – 55 to 65 days from sprout

Size – 35-55cm (Under HPS)

Yield – 30-60 grams as a single plant

Best Method for overall high yield – 25 per 1,2m x 1,2m sq in 10 Liter pots.

Aroma and flavour – Sweet, sour, fruity hints

Effect – Very potent

Best Grown – Indoor

Flower Density – 9.0/10

Cannabinods – 19% THC

Sour Crack, love or hate the name is one of our fastest and most popular varieties, We feel she is one of our flagship cultivars and really broke ground and gained traction with the idea of connoisseur automatics. Sour Crack is a perfect Sea Of Green machine, one of the frostiest varieties in the Mephisto arsenal and is a very useful strain to have in your auto-toolbox.

Sour crack was used as the parent auto to make one of our top favorite Artisanal strains ‘Sour Stomper’.

Sour Crack being a fast strain, has a short seedling stage and as soon as she sexes there’s a small time period of extra veg/stretch growth before switching hard into flower mode. Frost levels are very high, trichome development is apparent from early on and She quickly makes chunky dense buds that are dripping in resin.

Consequently Sour Crack makes a beautiful extraction/hash plant to work with. Commercially she can be taken as little as 55 days from sprout, but for the connoisseur auto grower and toker, 60-65 days is more accurate depending on the exact effect the grower wants.

She’s an auto akin to the reason we love autos! Sour Crack doesn’t want for much, take care of her, watch the amazing daily progression before your eyes and the rewards will soon come.

Sour Crack works fantastically as an autoflower sea-of-green strain, for really above average yields. Having dense buds and being a short stature plant with thick foliage, she’s not best suited for outdoors unless you’re in an arid climate.

7 Feminized Autoflower Seeds

Ingredients: hemp seed


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