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Praying Mantis (Mr. E x Prayer Tower Sativa) 12 Regular Seeds

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Mr. E is a very special, ten year old standout clone from Eastcoasterdam. Gifted to us to bring out to the world in seed form, and we fell in love. Introducing the Prayer Tower Sativa male #9 we were able to increase vigor while allowing the special Mr. E flower traits to fully express. Most phenotypes smell and flower just like Mr. E and some have a bit more creaminess added to them from the Prayer Tower. Mr. E on her own is an incredible, happy vibe functional indica, and effective medicine for many ailments. She’s an extremely short, squat dense plant with extreme amount of dense node growth. The goal of this cross was to preserve as many of her special traits as possible, while speeding up her growth rates. The fantastic branchy structure passes on but with longer spacing so she can keep up with other quick vegging plants. Very high yield, fantastic resin, and a nearly indescribable flavor. Sweet, delicious.

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

12 Organic Regular Non-Feminized F1 Seeds

Ingredients: hemp seed

1 review for Praying Mantis (Mr. E x Prayer Tower Sativa) 12 Regular Seeds

  1. Andrew (verified owner)

    These were fun plants to grow. Mine had a great fade being grown under LEDs. They had a sweet ish flavor and above average yield

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