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Orange Diesel F4 (Orange Diesel V3.0 [Lady Sativa Genetic]) x S.O.D.K [Sour Orange Diesel Kush]) 7 Feminized Seeds


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Project introduction and Overview:
Orange Diesel: An orangey diesely affair.
S.O.D.K (Sour Orange Diesel Kush) is one of first Mephisto Originals strains, and to this day one of our favourites to grow. S.O.D.K is Sour Orange Diesel from Lady Sativa Genetics mated to our triangle kush during the photo to auto process and then taken to fruition as a full automatic project. We wanted to refine the strain further and use it as a parent for a brand new artisanal strain. We thought it a grand idea to search out a diesel or orange strain to outcross to again in order to make an improved and stable strain with common heritage. We reached out to the lads at Lady Sativa and they very graciously offered us a few packs of their award winning strain ODV3 to work with. So we’ll say an extra thanks for that, and if anyone’s looking for some photoperiod fire for their garden you shouldn’t hesitate and check them out.
The ODV3’s when grown out to make the F1’s and F2’s were all very uniform, tight silver greasy buds with the distinct diesel aroma we know and love with a dousing of orange peel aroma, the plants were consistently deep green with a beautiful sheen.
Orange Diesel at both F3 and F4 have been also consistently awesome!
The plants produce tight and solid aromatic nugs of the finest quality with a split diesel and orange citrus aroma, they aren’t the fastest from this new release but the ease of growth and end product are absolutely worth the wait. So don’t sleep on this strain!
Strain behavior and structure:
Orange Diesel is a fairly stress free automatic to grow, she begins her cycle looking deep green and predominantly indica with an average healthy growth rate, however once established she transforms quite dramatically taking off quickly, and can easily triple in size with very nice branching. Those branches thicken up and reach up high becoming a dominant part of the plant. With a good environment and seeing good growth she’s a good candidate to train, however even if left untouched the bud to plant ratio is very good. Overall we would classify her as a medium sized variety.
Orange Diesel has a very special aroma which develops and shifts throughout the life cycle, from early on you can pick out sweet citrus hints and as flowers progress they have a much more stinky diesel twist.
She does start flowering quite slowly, however she keeps adding to her frame putting on size stretching, and in the final few weeks she packs on a lot of mass creating high density flowers.
Harvesting and trimming is an easy process, fans don’t get too sticky so they can be pulled leaving the bare frame and solid resinous buds that are simple to remove and manicure. End bag appeal is really nice and you’re left with a super tasty stinky product to reward you for your care.

Orange Diesel is a strain we’d highly recommend, Decent sized, good yielding, consistent through and through, and beautiful quality.

Strain figures and info in brief:

Indica/Sativa: 60/40
In good conditions she will deliver –
Cycle time: 70-80 days
Size: 60-90cm Height/Width 40-60cm
Yield: 75-100g as a single plant grow
Best method for overall high yield: 9 per 1.2×1.2 space in 15 liter pots under a 600w – 500g is obtainable.
Aroma and flavour: Pungent Strong Diesel aroma with a citrus twist and earthy taste with zest on the exhale.
Effect: Happy and uplifted which evolves into a dreamy relaxing high.
Best grown: Indoor/greenhouse/outdoor
Flower Density: 8.5/10
Cannbinoids: TBA
Further info:
Ease of grow – 8/10 – A Straightforward strain!
Aroma level whilst growing – 7.5/10 Mild but progresses to High – Be careful in the last few weeks! Odor control is a must.
Trim ease – 8.5/10 – Not at all a chore.
Frost Level – 7/10 Flowers get well coated.
Bag Appeal – 8/10 Very pretty compact flowers with tasty aromas.
After Cure Aroma level – 8/10 – Stays stinky.
Potency – 9/10 Exceptionally good high-grade herb.
Concentrate info – 7/10 Rich in terps

Overall Mephisto rating – 8.5/10 – Consistently awesome!

Ingredients: hemp seed


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