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Old Time Moonshine 13 Regular Seeds

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OTM 5.5 Old Time Moonshine!

The resurrection of the Original Old Time Moonshine line! The mother selected from original F5 OTM seeds (circa 2004) and coupled with the pollen from the F4 Blueberry Male.

A Hybrid cross sporting structural growth patterns of both medium-stretch Indica to short-squat Kush phenotypes, 75% tested with deep-purple, tight-clustered bud sets and approx. 25% developing full cola formations. The stretch phenos, like the mother, are of tropical fruit/tutti-fruity, cherry, and sweet tea while the Kush phenos are more dank musky forest berry along with tart dry burgundy, grape and leather aromas. Flavors of juicy-fruit gum, blueberries, cherries and nutmeg are apparent. The effect is elated and powerful yet clear-headed and focused, motivational and inspirational, energizing and long-lasting were noted in the test smokes. These are a one-time-only exclusive release as the mother used has passed. Done as a joint-project with Blue-Star Seed Co.

Flowering Time: 53 to 59 days

Approximately 200 uniquely numbered packs total

Minimum 13-seeds per pack

4-seed pack freebie included-One of four from ‘Blue Star Seed Co: 1. ‘Blue Grease’, 2. ‘Pearl Baker’, 3. ‘Glazed Berries’ and 4. ‘Navy Cross’ while supplies last!

Key Words: Hybrid Cross, Medium-Stretch-Indica to Short-Squat-Kush Phenos, Powerful, Fruity, Musky, Forest-Berry, clear-headed, inspirational, energizing, long-lasting.

Photos by Josh Blue


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