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MB232 0.05 Grams of Pollen


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Jd Short is happy to announce the second-ever pollen drop from Second Generation Genetics, “MB232” an F1 combination of the clone-only Master Kush and F4 Blueberry!

If you are interested in making your own seeds, strains, or lines this is your opportunity to get your hands on some of the most exclusive genetics on the market!

The MB232 is classified as an F1 hybrid and is a cross between the legendary clone-only Master Kush and the Dj Short’s famed F4 Blueberry male. The F4 Blueberry male is the same male used to make most of the crosses from Second Generation Genetics as well as the F5 Blueberry seeds for public use, Flo, F13 Throwback, Grape Krush Throwback, Newberry, Velvet Krush, First Light, Cocoa Kush, Vanilluna and many more. The F4 Blueberry male is also one generation closer to the original P1 landrace parents.

The F4 Blueberry male is known for passing heavy resin production, sweet floral and ripe berry aromas, dark violet-red colors, a fluffy tackiness to the flowers, shorter flowering time.

While the Master Kush is a mid to early-flowering indica dominant Kush variety with spear-shaped, denser-than-usual flowers, that smell of incense, cologne, floral kush, and sweet spiced candy.

The flowering time is a standard 60-67 days.

The males Jd Short selected exhibited short stocky stature with smaller dark green kush leaves and vibrant green stalks. Three different MB232 males exhibiting the same phenotypic expression were isolated and pollen was collected. Slight traces of resin and cannabinoid production were noted along the meristem and undersides of the sugar leaf. Stem rubs gave way to spicy floral candy cologne and sweet berry kush aromas. F1 representations of both parents used to make the pollen are present in DNA form. The marriage of these two heavy-hitting legendary crosses introduced to any genetic program is sure to warrant dank and uniquely special results!

This is a limited release from Second Generation Genetics. There will be a one-time release of pollen, two drops several weeks apart. A limited drop of seeds may be released at a later date. There are 108 full tenths, that’s 10.8 grams total, all packs will be numbered.

Jd has also graciously included 5 free Wizard seeds with each full tenth purchased. The Wizard is the variegated F13 Throwback project that Jd never released publicly. This is the first public release of The Wizard.

Each pack will contain either 0.1 or 0.05 a gram of pollen depending on how much you order, along with a few grains of rice to keep the pollen free of unwanted humidity.

For reference, 0.05 a gram of pollen is enough to make anywhere between 50-500 seeds if applied strategically and efficiently.

The pictures included are from day 26 in flower after being dusted for pollen several times.

Please note: Pollen has a short shelf life. It is recommended to have preparations to utilize your pollen within several (5) weeks of receiving it.

If you cannot use your pollen within this time frame it’s highly recommended that you store it in an airtight container below -0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18c). There is no guarantee for pollen that is stored past the recommended use date.

Thank you and happy planting!

0.05 grams of MB232 Regular Photoperiod Pollen per pack!


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