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Loki OG 10 Regular Autoflowering Seeds


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Loki OG is my first Sativa leaning auto.  She has an uplifting feeling to her smoke and provides a burst of creativity and energy.  She grows taller than most of the other autos and really enjoys being in larger pots for optimal size.  Her flowers are dense and covered in a generous layer of resin and really packs on weight in her last few weeks.  It has had 2 selection cycles in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest and has been selected indoor to provide a well-rounded cultivar suited to grow in any environment the grower chooses.

She does well in soil, soil-less, and hydro setups and can get rather large in DWC. If you choose to grow her in large containers or hydro plan for adequate headroom for her to grow.  To contain her size, 3-gal cloth pots produce a good-sized plant with a nice yield.

Strain Name: Loki OG

Indica/Sativa 40/60

Cycle time: 75-85 days

Dimensions: These plants have the ability to get up to 6 ft tall in large containers

Yield: 28g /sqft in ideal conditions

High Yield Method: 5 gal pots

Recommended Light Cycle: 18/6 or 20/4 (Will flower under 24 hrs)

Aroma and Flavor: Citrus and floral are the most reported terp profiles, sweet and earthy have been found too.

THC: 18-21%

Odor: Med/High

Grow Environment: Indoor, Outdoor, and Greenhouse

10 Regular (non-feminized) Autoflowering Seeds per pack!


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