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Lemongrass F4 (Lemon Kush Bx3 x Humboldt Gelato) 10 Feminized Seeds

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An exciting new strain that will not disappoint. With high potency levels complemented by juicy terpenes. Gushing with lemon flavor, the Lemongrass name came easy. The production leaves nothing to be desired. The plants are huge and display hybrid vigor. Disease, mildew and mold resistance is high and flower structure is perfect for machine or hand trimming. A solid choice for California farms looking for a foolproof way to hit the season running. Don’t hesitate, seed supply is limited and after you grow out the Lemongrass you will surely want to Thai one on.

Lemongrass-TerpenesLemongrass Strain Chart

Ingredients: 10 Feminized Seeds

2 reviews for Lemongrass F4 (Lemon Kush Bx3 x Humboldt Gelato) 10 Feminized Seeds

  1. Todd (verified owner)

    A couple phenos were super dense high yielders with massive frost.Others were a bit thinner and took longer but with different smells.Some where super lemony.Others were creamy.Id like to see the difference between this and lemon kush but this is a very good of my favorites.Took 9.5 to 11 weeks to finish.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Probably my absolute favorite alchemical concoction thus far, bred by the talented terpene artists whose ideas seem to run ‘ting at The Humboldt Seed Company. Heavily myrcene dominant, with medium levels of limonene & the two pinenes, & with fairly high concentrations of B-Caryophyllene that spice things up a bit. A slightly peppery, spicy, piney, lemon-lime & mango terpene heavy and trichome heavy light lime green flowers, that had dense trichome rails, & lots of large, fat white resin glands growing on 5 of the 9 females that popped, with a single girl that just never got going. As myrcene will do in such high concentrations, indica’s most dominant terpene worked her mango magic to knock my ass out. But before that I thought the strain was pretty awesome, with lots of flavor, but room for plenty more energy giving, inspirational lemon-lime limonene & pinene goodness, no question. Pinene’s unique talent lies in behaving like a force field for your neuron clusters totally naturally, & provides your brain a sort of total defense against attacks by the free radicals & random inflammation that can affect the body’s complex nervous system.

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