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Irish Punch F1 (Purple Punch x Romulan) 12 Regular Seeds


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Irish Punch (F1) 

This is a pheno hunter’s dream. A terp chasers fantasy come true. Literally, every phenotype we have seen is a keeper, and for many reasons. Most easily found are unique smells and tastes that range from purely fruity to gasoline. Notable favorites are the grapefruit phenotype, the gas with fumes pheno, and the phenotype that tastes like grape soda.

Format Standard Photoperiod
Sativa / Indica ratio 85 % INDICA / 15 % SATIVA
Flowering indoors 9 weeks
Flowering outdoors October
Yield Above Average
Resistance against spider mites High
Resistance against powder mildew High
Resistance against botrytis Below Average
Resistance against white fly High
Resistance against cold High
Resistance against heat Above Average
Genetics Purple Punch x Romulan
Structure 1- 2x stretch, varied phenotypes
Bouquet Fruit, Gasoline, Spicy, other complex notes
Growing Tips May be prone to Botrytis if grown in high humidity or overwatered in late flowering.


12 Regular Seeds per pack!


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