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Harlem Shuffle F1 (Uptown Piff x Platinum Kush) 6 Feminized Seeds


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Harlem Shuffle (Uptown Piff x Platinum Kush)

The Uptown Piff aka Haze, aka Stoney’s Golden Haze – Anyone older than 30 that grew up smoking weed in the city knew about the Piff. This legendary 16-week strain was grown to perfection and sold for big bucks to connoisseurs up to 2 hours away. This stuff is the shit. Hard to find these days unless you grow it yourself, this is the ultimate mood elevator. This is one of the few strains that really doesn’t have a ceiling, you’ll just get higher and higher in a very spacey, cerebral way. Seriously, you just can’t be down while you’re smoking Piff. It’s got a really unique floral and earthy taste. The Platinum Kush knocks a few weeks of flower time, with excellent haze dominant phenos ready in 12-13 weeks. Take a walk down nostalgia lane and enjoy the ceiling-less high of an outstanding haze hybrid.

6 Female Seeds per pack plus freebies! 


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