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Duck Web IBL 10 Regular Seeds


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An inbreed webbed leaf “Duck’s Foot” strain that is truly one-of a kind plant as seen on Phylos Galaxy:

Duck Web IBL from Olympic Seeds is a pure indica traveling from Afghanistan, to Hawaii, to Colorado, the already beautiful webbed landrace was inbred and preserved for five generations. This resulted in an heirloom cultivar with incredible expressions and profile. A plant with webbed leaves and magenta/fuchsia stigmas(hairs).

Duck Web IBL has a low level of genetic variation. A low level of genetic variation indicates a stabilized or true breeding line that will produce seeds (offspring) with consistent physical characteristics (phenotypes); varieties with higher levels of genetic variation are not true-breeding, and will produce seeds with very different physical characteristics.

Effects: Beginning with a pleasant mental release, the euphoria settles behind your eyes. It then makes it way down your neck and spine, toward your lower back, giving you great tension release and relaxation without the couch lock mental wall.

Taste/smell: She initially tickles you nose with hints of pine and roses. After breaking it up, you get more hints of hibiscus and new shoes.

Her taste follows quite on to her nose with piney, shoes filled with flowers. The longer you take her, the heavier she gets.

Flower time: 58-70 days

10 Regular Seeds per pack!

Ingredients: hemp seed


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