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Creme del la Chem F4 (Stardawg Illuminati cut x Chemdogging) Auto 7 Feminized Seeds


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Strain Name: Creme de la Chem F4

Genetic heritage: Stardawg Illuminati Cut x Chemdogging F4

Indica/Sativa – 70/30

Cycle Time – 65 to 70 days from sprout

Size – 55-80cm (Under HPS/CMH)

Yield – 90 to 120 grams as a single plant

Best Method for overall high yield – 9 per 1,2m x 1,2m sq in 15 Liter pots.

Aroma and flavor – Varied delights from flowers and spices to incense with gas notes. Aroma and taste are STRONG!

Effect – Highly potent, long duration high.

Best Grown – Indoor

Flower Density – 9.5/10

Chemdogging was released in early 2015 as one of our Mephisto Originals and has remained a firm favourite in it’s pure form, but you know us, we just had to use it as a basis to create some fresh automatics! From the offset when planning the project we wanted to outcross again to a photoperiod of exceptional quality, with shared lineage. After some trials and tribulations, as ever. Our stars aligned and we happened upon a cut of Top Dawg Seeds Stardawg, specifically the illuminati cut. The initial F1 cross was made when we were doing some outdoor testing in Summer 2015, and over two years later we’re able to finally release into the world this absolute joy of an auto.

Creme de la Chem grows fast and thick with good vigor, she produces huge dark green fans and if you look beneath them you’ll see fast branching progression from early on. She benefits hugely from some leaf tucking/manipulation because of this.

Creme de la chem is a medium sized automatic, but if she’s able to grow and branch freely, will often be as wide as she is tall. The flower formations result in golf ball (or often larger) round nuggets at the end of a branch. She puts on a thick coat of sticky white almost furry frost, which contrasts beautifully against the cooler autumnal colors she puts out through her flowering phase as she gets her fade on.

She flowers at a medium rate too wrapping up in around 65 days within a good environment. As well as visual appeal, she ticks all the boxes in the smell department too. (Read: Odor control warning!)

Ingredients: hemp seed


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