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You are bidding on one pack of Bohdi Seeds’ Supernatural Selections #005 retired Cherry Queen (Fat Cherry Afghani x Old Mother Ghani) 11 Regular Seeds!

Grown outdoors in the Northeast United States, the plants could be harvested as early as the first week of October. Consistently produced plants with tight internodal spacing, great vigor, and excellent quantity of high-quality flowers from the bottoms to the tops of all lateral branching.

Flowers did not have significant aromas during growth, but after drying, they had smells of incense, spice, cherries, and earthy lemons.

Mold, Mildew, and Pest resistant. Drought Resistant. Moderate cold tolerance varies by pheno.

It is highly recommended to grow through a trellis – the yield is substantial, and heavy late-season winds will knock down lower branches.

Here is something from Rollitup that gives Bodhi’s info on Old Mother Ghani (aka OMG):

“Old Mother Ghani is a seedline I got long ago as old afghani from a private collector. It’s a beautiful lemon spice classic vintage commercial afghani. Leans more to the Hindu kush side than the acrid, leathery, stout plains afghani. Has a perfect mind/body mix. I use both a male and a female from the line. The male is so resinous you can make hash from him.”

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