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Calypso F2 (Purple Voodoo F4 x Buckeye Purple) 12 Regular Seeds


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Big Worm’s Calypso is Purple Voodoo F4 x Buckeye Purple.

Purple Vodoo is a great outdoor strain in California or similar climates such as parts of Spain. Gardeners will have to make adjustments for higher elevations or particularly humid regions to ward off mold from the sizeable buds. They finish in mid-to late October, reaching maximum heights of 6 feet (2 meters) when they are not topped. Even when grown indoors, this strain fares best when allowed to flower from multiple branches. It has amazing results when topped early and allowed to develop massive upper buds. Growth in this variety is very homogenous, with plants forming sturdy, orderly branches and maintaining an even canopy. Indoor plants double in height during flowering, finishing around 4 feet (120 cm). When a sea of green technique is used, plants can be forced when they have 8 true leaves, and finish between 2-3 feet (80-100cm). Purple Voodoo’s vegetative cycle proceeds in normal fashion. The plants develop large, long branching and stack internodes well. Then, a few weeks into flowering, the magic show begins. Dark purples, yellows, oranges and bright vibrant greens start to transform the plants into technicolor beauties. the Purple Voodoo buds start as pompoms, and then spread along branches, consuming them in a cola casing. By week five, trichome production picks up and a dank yet floral fragrance begins to permeate the garden. The purple genetics kick in, transforming the buds into massive vibrant Voodoo colas that range in tone from a dark purple-black to an electric bright violet. The Purple Voodoo smoke is smooth and flavorful with a savory edge and pungent odor. The effect is like a potent spell that induces relaxation and a bit of trance-like stoniness lingers. It is better suited for a lazy afternoon or evening rather that a workday smoke.
Melvanetics Buckeye Purple is a melding of 2 lines of Grand Daddy Purple and Gorilla Grape producing large, high yielding flowers ranging in color from pastel pinks/lavenders, burgundies, and deep dark purples. Dark purple phenos show in the first 3 weeks of flower with deep purple coloring running in lines down the bud leaves. “Green” phenos will show pastel coloring at harvest. Heavily indica leaning, expect short, slow growing plants during the vegetative process. Minimum 60 days veg recommended for proper yields. Expect strong stems and branching with minimal stretch growth in the first 3 weeks. Tends to need lower levels of feed, ½ your normal is suggested at the start.
12 Regular Non-Feminized Seeds
Ingredients: hemp seed


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