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Boston Cream Donut (Vanilla Cream x Prayer Pupil x [Star Pupil x Prayer Tower Sativa]) 13 Regular Seeds


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Strain Name:   Boston Cream Donut

Genetics: Vanilla Cream x Prayer Pupil: (TK x Mendo Purp) x (Star Pupil x Prayer Tower Sativa)

Type (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid): Hybrid

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: High

Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

From the same mother plant that birthed the Boston Cream Pie and Vanilla Pupil strains, here’s the latest in sugary sweet dessert goodness, Boston Cream Donut! These plants are capable of monster yields, with high potency and unreal flavors and aromas. Vanilla cream, velvety sweet, some with pupil funk and bluebell undertones.

Effects wise, these can be really potent! The Vanilla Cream was selected for it’s unique amplification effect. It’s not any kind of calming or friendly, it’s got a powerful effect that multiplies exactly how you are feeling, to maximize the intensity of your emotions and bring truth to oneself. Very good for figuring out how you really feel and what you need to do next. If you’re happy, you’ll be really, and if you’re angry, you’ll be really angry. It’s good stuff, use it at the right time and you’ll have a really great experience. I recommend it for nature! Prayer Pupil is a powerful and sometimes psychedelic plant, and the two combine perfectly for immense potency and experiential wonder.

The genetics consist of Vanilla Cream (my selection of CSI’s Triangle Kush x Mendocino Purple) crossed with Prayer Pupil (Star Pupil x Prayer Tower Sativa). I’ve bred this line using multiple select Prayer Pupil males, as I wanted to create a little bit of focused genetic diversity for something a bit more open-ended. However, this line is still very stable and predictable, as the Prayer Pupil is a very uniform strain and a perfect choice to select multiple winner males to mix! Each one had great vigor, the aroma I like of creamy pupil bluebell soapy chemmy goodness. These seeds are a pheno hunter’s delight, and easy to find multiple winners. Yields are very high, with forearm sized colas possible (grower dependent of course!) and some phenotypes are painted with pink and purple streaks throughout. Buds are dense and frosty, with a super gooey resin.

This is the last cross MMS is releasing with the Vanilla Cream clone as mother. Set your alarms and be ready on the websites a few minutes before it, as they will go fast! Our last drop went record speed, two strains in 30 seconds and one strain in 1 minute… this drop is a little bit bigger than that, so I’m expecting them to last for a whole few minutes if you’re lucky. I hope there are enough for everybody!

PLUS, All Boston Cream Donut packs will come with a free feminized three-pack of Medi-Mix!


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