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BlkMrrr Auto 3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds

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When Magic and Ronin decided on a collaboration, a simple cross would not suffice for their first release. The decision was made to use each of their first commercially available strains, Witch Doctor and Bum Wine. But it had to be taken to the next level. Do something no other autoflower breeders have done. Magic began with crossing his Witch Doctor and Ronin’s Bum Wine to create Iman. That would be just fine for most… Not Binary Selections. The next part would involve Ronin crossing Bum Wine and Magic’s Witch Doctor to create Nami. These essentially are the same cross, but having reversed the parents. Now that Iman and Nami had been created the next level was to cross them. Numerous Imans were run to choose the standout ladies to be used in the final pollination by a beautiful well balanced Nami. Each of these crosses were grown out to see which held the best qualities. Only one made the cut. BlkMrrr produces extract quality trich coverage on dense flowers with intermodal spacing that allows for full light penetration. Many have shown amazing leaf fading in late flower.

Plants can range from 2-4’. BlkMrrr has qualities of each of it parents while showing growth structure and flavor characteristics unique unto itself. From the dirt covered grape lollipop terps of the Iman to the incense infused fermented fruit of the Nami, BlkMrrr adds a sweet new sneaker smell along with a pungently nose tingling menthol earthy funk to the mix.


Ingredients: hemp seed

1 review for BlkMrrr Auto 3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    I ordered these for my first foray into indoor growing,(I generally grow outdoors)After a little research,I liked the sound of this strain.My germination rate was 100% and so far,they are growing very good.I will update periodically on their progress.Overall very happy with my purchase.

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