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Binary Selections Mix Pack v3 (Lockdown, Moon Juice, and Substance D) 12 Feminized Autoflower Seeds


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Binary Selections Mix Pack v3 is three of their most popular strains individually labeled in one pack!


For the first of our Dystopia Series, we’d like to introduce Lockdown. This Lockdown will only last approximately 75 days, give or take a week depending on growing medium. Using one of the most beautiful reversals of our BlkMrrr we pollinated a tall and heavily branched Landlocked Funk. Needless to say the LLF was seriously funky and frosty. The BlkMrrr brings even more frost and density to the party in this funked-up combination. Terp profiles have been Landlocked Funk dominant with its sweet skunk vapor with some added gas ferment to round out the funk. Some phenos have shown amazing colas while most have spear-shaped grenades of frost filling the lower branches. All have shown serious pressing and extraction potential and will definitely be a hit with extraction artists.

This Lockdown won’t last long, only 100 packs will be made available so grab yours while they are around!

Genetics: Landlocked Funk x BlkMrrr

Plant height: large Sprout to harvest: 70-75 days


Introducing Moon Juice, the fourth release in Binary Selections Dystopia Series.

Troubled Grape from Magic was another strain we had to cross with our BlkMrrr. Big size and big flavor are to be expected from Troubled Grape. Adding to the mix is BlkMrrr’s ability to get large as well as pack on the frost. So with a good twisting of flavor, size and frost we came up with some Moon Juice. Sturdy lower branching, common in both parents translates over to the progeny making this a serious contender for those that like topping and low-stress training. For those that prefer a natural grow technique, MJ will be happy to accommodate you with large lower buds with long thick single colas. She is a performer no matter your grow style.

Terp profile tends to lean towards kushy and musty with a lingering dry sweetness. She’s a great smoke shortly after drying but only gets better with a long cure. If your able to keep it around. She can be a bit cerebral but will also put you on the couch like a throw blanket. Heavy usage may lead to sedentary philosophizing. For those that concentrate, Moon Juice presses really well. Just be careful. The more concentrated the juice, the greater the chance of ending up on the moon!

Plant height: medium-large

Sprout to harvest: 80 days 


For Binary Selections’ third release in the Dystopia Series please welcome Substance D.

They knew crossing our unreleased Jogidelica to our BlkMrrr was a given for this new series. The Jogidelica being an f1 cross of Zamaldelica Express from Night Owl Seeds and our Jogi OG, the terp profile of this creation was quite well balanced. Mash that up with the BlkMrrr and now we have a funky creation, unlike anything we’ve offered before. No one strain has dominance in regards to flavor and terp profile. It turned out to be a great amalgamation of all involved.

Hybrid vigor will be found in abundance within this creation. Being an f1, training will be necessary to reap the greatest benefits from its vigorous branching. Topping early will result in large level top bushes. Low-stress training will go a long way with this fine lady. Frost-covered water leaves, as well as frosty stems, are a regular trait. We have found that late flower leaf coloring is very common too. Leading to a very colorful bouquet of flowers. May Substance D lead you on to a new path.

Plant height: medium-large Sprout to harvest: 75-80 days 

12 Individually Labeled Feminized Autoflower Seeds per pack! 


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