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Bag of Oranges S1 (Blood Orange x Tangerine Power) 10 Feminized Seeds


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BORN ON 05-2019
A few years ago Useful Seeds had an idea to create a super orange strain because I had been let down so many times purchasing seeds that claimed to be orange. Sooo he grew out a bunch of Bodhi’s Blood Orange and found a really nice Cali-o leaner, then I hit her with a really nice citrus smelling Sin City Tangerine Power male. He decided after talking with a friend about orange terps, to pop a bunch of them and go hunting. Useful found an orange female that just floored him. No candy orange, straight up orange zest, kinda like the orange oil that comes out of an orange peel!!! In all of his years doin this, he has NEVER come across an orange like this. He reversed her and shared the seeds with some friends.
Everyone that grew them out has been very impressed. And if you are looking for a true orange cultivar, this one is for you. They will flower within 8-9 weeks, some of them will remain green, while some will fade to an almost black. The last batch of these had some tough shells, you may want to give them a light scuff.

10 Feminized Seeds per pack!

Ingredients: hemp seed





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