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Welcome to the D.C. Seed Exchange! We are a small seed bank focused on the highest quality genetics. Our mission is to build a virtual trading space that features genetics from the best breeders in North America as well as highlighting local talent from the Mid-Atlantic region. Below is a complete list of our vendors offering a variety of regular, feminized and auto-flowering seeds.

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Alpen Gleaux F4 500 Feminized Autoflowering Hemp Seeds


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Alpen Gleaux F4 Feminized Autoflowering Hemp Seeds

Alpen Gleaux F4 feminized auto-flowering hemp seeds are a collaboration between Alpine Genetics and the veteran-owned and operated Phoenix Farms. Alpen Gleaux F4 was organically grown and selectively bred from F3 stock for structure, color, and yield. 15 males were planted and culled down to three select studs. Then over 40 females were planted and culled down to a dozen beautiful, insanely purple, terpene-laden, Cannabidiol (CBD), auto-flowering females. These plants not only produce great smokable hemp flowers, but they also make fantastic concentrates!

These are very homogeneous seeds with two main phenotypes to be found:

The first phenotype is stouter, with lots of lateral branching. Expect one main cola with sticky, purple buds and loads of trichomes.

The second phenotype is taller and can be topped, or “fimmed”, early on, if height is an issue. Again, expect large purple buds with lots of lateral branching.

Great for commercial growers, both phenotypes produce large buds and average 80 days from germination to harvest. Terpenes on these ladies remind me of perfume and redwood trees.

These autos need extreme caution when transplanting. Direct sowing into a final pot is ideal. Do not start these seeds in trays.

Why plant industrial hemp with low CBD levels when you could plant high CBD hemp (20:1) ensuring your crop stays federally compliant while getting the most out of your grow?

Averages 80 days from seed to harvest, great for concentrates and commercial growers!

Registered in Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin!

10, 30, 100 and 500-seed packs available.

500 High CBD Feminized Autoflowering Hemp Seeds per pack!

Test Results: HAG-LC-2000532 Alpen Gleaux 1A HAG-LC-2000533 Alpen Gleaux 2A HAG-LC-2000534 Alpen Gleaux 3A HAG-LC-2000535 Alpen Gleaux 4A HAG-LC-2000536 Alpen Gleaux 5A HAG-LC-2000538 Alpen Gleaux 8A HAG-LC-2000537 Alpen Gleaux 6A HAG-LC-2000544 Alpen Gleaux 9A HAG-LC-2000545 Alpen Gleaux 10A HAG-LC-2000546 Alpen Gleaux 11A HAG-LC-2000548 Alpen Gleaux 1B HAG-LC-2000549 Alpen Gleaux 2B HAG-LC-2000547 Alpen Gleaux 12A


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