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Welcome to the D.C. Seed Exchange! We are a small seed bank focused on the highest quality genetics. Our mission is to build a virtual trading space that features genetics from the best breeders in North America as well as highlighting local talent from the Mid-Atlantic region. Below is a complete list of our vendors offering a variety of regular, feminized and auto-flowering seeds.

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Mandalorian Genetics

In 2009 FullDuplex started working with ruderalis genetics to develop a true day natural variety of cannabis, accenting the ability to flower virtually under any light schedule. Giving growers an advantage to one less environmental stressor that could potentially render a crop useless. Dedication and time have produced a variety of cannabis that is resilient to light schedule changes, harsh watering conditions, and environmental fluctuation. Yielding plants that will produce under harsh environmental situations. FullDuplex then founded Mandalorian Genetics in 2017 to give a brand to the plants that he has had the pleasure of working with over the last decade.

In those 10 years, FullDuplex has had the pleasure of bringing that information to the masses as it develops. Each and every learning experience, every failure, and the moment has been shared on the forum that I helped co-found that teaches others how to grow this variety of cannabis. The progeny has made its way into the medical and recreational market in Washington as well as landed him a job as the lead genetic consultant and breeder.

Mandalorian Genetics’ goal is to provide the same quality genetics to the home grower that a commercial grower looking to gain advantage from several crop rotations per season has. MG strives to provide strains that are user-friendly, easy to grow and provide symptom relief from certain ailments. Giving the grower the flexibility to grow some medication they may need while vegging some of their other favorite strains.

All released strains are worked in an IBL (inbred line) fashion for desired trait stabilization and expression. Most lines are taken at least to the 5th generation of selection and typically show homozygous expressions with a few rogue phenotypes.

Be sure to check Dan from the podcast “Learn About Autoflower Breeding & Best Growing Practices” on Cheap Home Grow’s website. Dan from, @fullduplex_afn, and Mandalorian Genetics came on the show today to talk about everything autoflower related. CHG did a deep dive about autoflower breeding, best growing practices when growing autos and they also talked about his website,, and his genetics company called Mandalorian Genetics. Dan is a well-established and highly respected grower and breeder in the cannabis world and his knowledge about various subjects they talked about in this podcast is second-to-none. You can also catch Dan talking with Shango Los of Shaping Fire:

Below is the link to FullDuplex’s section on the Autoflower.Net forums so you can see more of his work:

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